February 2017


Home Gardening Advantages

Saving Money and Your Sanity

Each year more and more people take up home gardening, some feeling the need to save money, garden in order to provide cheaper and healthier food for their families. Others choose home gardening as a way to relax, relieve stress and provide their yards and homes with beautiful live plants. There are many different types of gardening and many good reasons to choose to garden.

A Wise Economic Decision

Let’s face it with today’s economy, food gardening is a wise economic decision. You can grow your own herbs, vegetables and even fruit for a fraction of the cost you can buy them in the store and the more space you have to garden the more money you can save. Many families literally shave hundreds of dollars off their grocery bills each year by growing their own food and preserving it. This food is healthier than store bought goods, as well, because home gardeners often use organic growing for their food, which means no harmful chemical pesticides. They also can or freeze their food using less preservative than can be found in store produce. No matter how big or small your yard or even if you have no yard at all, you can grow some produce that will save you money. While those people who live in the country or have a large yard can grow enough food to feed their families all year round and thus save a ton of money on grocery purchases, those with small plots of land or even a balcony or deck can grow a few a simple vegetables. Vegetables such as tomatoes can be grown in a tub. People with no yard at all can enjoy home gardening by growing their own herbs inside in small spaces such as a window sill.

Some even grow miniature fruit trees in their homes. All these people find gardening enjoyable as well as economic saving them any where from a few dollars a year to significant savings. A Relaxing Hobby Other people turn to home gardening as a relaxing hobby. They find it a perfect way to relieve stress from their hectic jobs and really enjoy the feel of getting back to simple basics. These gardeners enjoy growing everything from small flower gardens to prize winning orchids or roses. One particularly enjoyable type of gardening for the hobby garden is bonzai or bonsai gardening. Bonzai gardening includes not only the Japanese Bonzai, but the Chinese Penjing and the Korean Bunjae. Quite literally bonzai means growing a tree in a pot. These miniature trees can be grown both inside and out depending on their size and provides for both an interesting hobby and a aesthetic result.

Special tools and techniques are needed for Bonzai gardening and those people who enjoy this type of gardening really enjoy the challenge of nursing these trees into the shape and style they want to create. For those looking to save money or for a relaxing and enthralling hobby then home gardening can be the perfect choice for you.

Home Gardening Tips

Its certainly no suprsie that the popularity of gardening both as a life-style and as a hobby, continues to grow. Indeed, you only have to go out into any neihbourhood on a sunny, summer evening to see that home gardening is at an unprecedented high in America right now. In the United States 8 out of 10 households participate in some type of home gardening activity. Obviously from the number of people that are doing it, home gardening is one of the most popular recreational activities in nation.

The popularity of the pastime is manifold. We know that the message today is “keep fit”; “maintain a healthy life-style” and “eat wholesome food”. What better way to achieve all this and ome than with gardening. The majority of home gardeners look to planting a variety of plant types including flowers; at least they usually begin by planting flowers anyway. Roses will almost certainly be the first consideration for most wannabe gardeners, but roses will take added time and effort, and should in all probability be left to those who have gardened previously. When planting flora many choices are exist, such as bulbs, perennials, and annuals.

Homegrown kitchen produce is another big thing in home gardening. Maybe the best thing about food plants is the reward of eating them. The catalogue of edible plants that gardeners can grow is endless. Some of the most widespread edible plants in the vegetable arena are, potatoes, peas, corn, carrots, squash, and cucumber. A lot of gardeners decide on for fruits, such as, watermelons, tomatoes, peaches, plums, apples, pears, and apricots. Small fruits, such as strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries usually necessitate less work and less space, making them much more practicable for home gardening. Herbs, most often used as spices in cooking, are becoming ever more popular every day; some of the most grown include basil, thyme, oregano, parsley, and cilantro. One of the most important things to watch for when planting edibles is insects and disease, after all, you don’t want to miss out on the banquet you will get to enjoy from hale and hearty plants.

Many people don’t recognize it, but landscaping is a form of home gardening. Landscaping covers many diverse areas and forms of gardening. One can even categorize mowing your lawn as landscaping! Keeping in the line of grasses, landscaping nearly always involves decorative grasses, and the great thing about them is they don’t take much work for upkeep. Types of grass include monkey grass, pampas, buffalo grass, flame grass, and ornamental millet. Landscaping is not just limited to plant life, but also includes anything done to a yard for ornament, such as adding rocks or stones, putting a small pond, statutes, or a waterfall.

There isn’t much variation between home gardening and gardening anywhere else. Plants still require a good location; plants still need water and they still need the same nutrients. Home gardening shouldn’t cause anyone to get nervous. If you do decide to try homing gardening and finding out that you don’t have a green thumb, don’t get discouraged. Get some information, read up on gardening, and try it again the next planting season.

Flooring, Roofing and Painting – The Important Phases in Home Renovation

Home is the place where we reside from birth to death. It is a place where we have lived with our family members and played with our neighbors and friends. It is a place of happiness; no other place can give such a peace for you. A clean house is a place where god lives. So you should give some importance to your construction of house. Are you bored with your design of your house and have you decided to remodel your house, and then concentrate in the following phases of renovation. Remodeling the house is not an easy task; it involves various activities such as kitchen remodeling, flooring; roofing, interior painting etc. Many of us do not know the process of renovation and how to decorate the home using modernized techniques.


The house is evaluated by it flooring and roofing. Flooring is the interior part of decoration and you can decorate your floor either by tiles or marbles. Both make your floor to look good and the floors are to be built according to the building codes and different floor structures are used for different purposes. Are you irritated against noise and your child may be having interest in music and may use some instruments which make heavy vibrations, so you can built your child room with floating floor which reduces the noise and vibration. Are you an athlete and dancer, then use sprung floor for your safety and to improve your performance. Nowadays many people like tiles flooring and there are two types of tiles such as ceramic and vitrified and both types can be used for flooring.


Roof is the uppermost part of the building and it protects the building from weather conditions. Proper care has to be given while roofing, after sometimes roof may tend to develop crack and has the chance of leaking and different roof shapes are used for different purpose. Flat roof can be used for terrace and there are other shapes such as barrel arch and Asian traditional style etc which is used for different purpose. The roof has two parts such as its supporting structure and its outer skin and it should have the capacity to withstand for a long time. So while roofing your house, check whether the contractor is using quality materials for roofing and also say your ideas regarding roofing since any damage in roofing may let to some serious injuries.


Have you finished your flooring and roofing in your house, and then the next process to decorate your house is interior painting because it adds beauty to your home. The color we choose reflects our mood so we should choose the color of proper choice. For example, you cannot use dark colors for bedrooms since it creates irritation so select light color which creates you a sleepy mood. Similarly select different colors for different rooms. Renovation of house is a big process so be cautious and give importance when remodeling your home. So select a company which acts as all phase renovation (i.e.) a company which remodels all phases of your home.