5 Decorating Styles To Spruce Up Your Home

Are you looking for a great new look in your home but don’t really know what decorating style to go for? Here are five popular decorating styles and their basic looks which might help you choose a style that’s right for you.

1. Cottage Style

The cottage decorating style is great if you want a relaxed and informal feeling. Many people think that you need to be by the beach to adopt this type of style but that is simply not true, you can pull it off no matter where you live. This style is characterized by light crisp colors and informal accessories. Organic rugs, slip covers on the furniture, and vintage items are often used to enhance the style. Of course, it also incorporates elements of the seaside in its artwork and accessories – if you love to collect shells the cottage decorating style is perfect for you since you have many places to display them.

2. Country Decorating

The country decorating style has been a classic for ages and is a great style for people who like to collect primitive antiques. The style is characterized by more earthy tones as well as more organic items. It is plain in style with furniture and window treatments that have clean straight lines. Many people love the style because of the subtle look of milk paint that is often used on the furniture and accessories. Country decorating goes good with painted wood or stained wood and is great if you like to use a lot of baskets and wooden containers.

3. Rustic Decorating

The rustic look is perfect for people who love the outdoors. Here you will find outdoor items brought inside such as old skis, birds nests, plants and even furniture and chandeliers made out of twigs, branches and antlers. Often times you will find that the style reminds you of a log cabin or large but you don’t have to have that type of a home in order to use it. Typical colors of the rustic decorating style are earth tones.

4. Southwestern Decorating Style

The South Western decorating style is eclectic and interesting. Often using native Southwestern rugs, you can have this style with reds and blacks or go for more pastel of aquas and peaches. While rugs and accessories might be colorful, the wall paint should really be a more neutral color and often white looks best. Using Southwestern pottery and plenty of wrought iron accessories and wall hangings will lend authenticity to this style even if you don’t live in the Southwest.

5. Zen Style

If you want a soothing and relaxing style it doesn’t have a lot of clutter, then the Zen decorating style is what you might want to choose. Here, you’ll be using light colors for your overall decorating scheme – a very light sage green works great. Minimize the accessories, just a few things here and there. Furniture should be plain with clean straight lines – nothing too distracting. Add a couple of great bamboo plants and a waterfall and you’ve got a soothing an interesting look to any room.

Choosing from decorating styles to make over your home can be challenging. Try looking in decorating books or magazines to find the perfect style that appeals to you and then figure out how you can incorporate that same look in your home.

Ideas For Home Decorating Styles

There are many home decorating styles that people adopt. Much of it is determined by personal preference, but some of it is adopted because people want to sell their property. Some home decorating is completely modern with plain wood or laminate flooring throughout and perhaps a fully tiled bathroom and of course a fully fitted kitchen. This decorating style is often adopted by, or appeals to the young professional who wants their home to be functional yet stylish.

Some people’s home decorating styles tend towards the country cottage with lots of chintzy curtains and big soft cushions. Large kitchens are a favorite for this style because people can eat in a warm, bright room that is hung with pots and brightened by plants. Many people long to come home to a warm and welcoming kitchen and a comfortable sitting room, they are more interested in comfort than style. This type of home decorating style usually suits a family who want their home to fit around their lifestyle and accommodate their hobbies and projects.

Home decorating styles may vary, depending on what kind of life you lead and where you live. In some areas there is a tendency for residents to adopt similar styles of decoration rather than having an eclectic mix.

There are plenty of television programs around that show you how to decorate your home with style – a lot depends on whether your idea of style is the same as the designer’s idea of style. Mirrors and plush fabrics seem to be a prominent feature of this style of home decoration. Feature walls are also a must. With this style three walls may be painted and a fourth wall is made into a feature with some (usually expensive) wallpaper that tones with the paint.

You can still see home decorating styles that hark back to the days of hippies and often mean that the home owner has an artistic turn. Here you will see tiffany lamps, floor cushions and bright colors. Homes decorated in this way can have a warm and welcoming feel or they can be over bright with furniture, fittings and carpets all screaming for the visitor’s attention.

Home decorating styles are largely a result of people’s vision of the type of life they would like to live. Some like a neutral background where they can add possessions and brighten the style with accessories. Still others like a home to be bright and bustling and their decorating style will reflect this. Whatever you choose in home decorating styles, you should make sure that it is something you will be happy to live with for an extended period of time.

Different Interior Decorating Styles For a Living Room

The home interior reflects the personal style of a person, that’s why it needs to be chosen very carefully. One of hardest things about decorating a home is finding good interior style, especially for the living room. Living room is the most essential part of every home. It acts as a mirror that reflects person’s living style as well status. People often spend more time with themes or style for a room than actually buying the items and decorating it. And why not, after all, theme decides that which type of decor will furnish a room.

Before selecting theme or style for your living room, it is necessary to consider some points, like whether room is big or small and what purpose will it serve. Living room can serve many purposes like someone can use it as a comfortable family room to stay calm and relax, many use living rooms to watch TV and play games, while others decorate it as first welcome for guests. According to various lifestyles, interior decorators have come up with some appropriate interior styles for a living room. If you are having some confusion in selecting perfect theme, then here are some helpful decorating styles to get started with.

Informal Style:

Such rooms are better for nuclear families with kids. Pastel colors can be used on walls for a light effect. Photo frames with family photographs can be a part of informal living room. The furniture used should be easy to clean and should be closely set up. Couch can be mandatory in this type of decorating style. Rugs, as they are easy to maintain, can be used instead of carpets. Comfortable easy chairs can also be used with cushions.

Formal Style:

If you want to choose formal decor in the room, then go for formal artifact’s picture frames, candles, crystal and silverware. This style needs fair amount of formal entertaining in living room. Flooring should also be considered formal by using marble, granite, tiles or wooden floor. Sofa sets should also have a formal style. Draping curtains will give a formal look and feel. Silk carpets or other royal stuff can be used. Color combination must be good. Light colors will give a formal look to the room.

Colorful and Vibrant:

A room full of splashy colors looks vibrant and bright. In this type of decorating style, one can use low seating arrangements with rugs, floor cushions and cane furniture. It will add a colorful appeal. Modern art and traditional art decorative pieces can be used to enhance the look. To give a natural look, decorative plant or vase with real flowers can be used to bring nature home in. This is a trend that remains in, in every season.

Blending or Melange:

Melange or mix and match are popular these days. It simply means blending of things or we can say a combination of things. Melange is a personally defined style. It mainly depends upon a family lifestyle and its choices. A mix and match of things like artifact’s, pictures and furniture can add to the appeal of a living room.

There are some other things too, which should be considered while selecting an interior for living room. Just go through the home decor books and magazines, have look on Internet, see different styles and trends of decorating and then, choose a style which suits best to your living room area.

A Look At A Few Popular Decorating Styles

Popular decorating styles are always changing. Is your home up to date on the latest fashion trends and decorating tips?

Popular decorating styles are fun, interesting and they just add something to talk about to the rest of the home. If you are considering a redo of your living room, your kitchen, your bedroom or virtually any other room in or outside of your home, consider some of today’s more popular choices. You are sure to find one, or two, that you really love to use.

Traditional: We have to start with the traditional look because it just does not go out of style. Here, the look is furniture that comes from the Kings and Queens of yesteryear, early American trends and a wide range of other formal styled items. You are looking for traditional to come through in the upholstery, in the window treatments and even in the accents that are placed around the room. Traditional is a style that is highly expensive to pull off with exceptional quality furnishings.

Shabby Elegance: Who’s to say that this is not one of the best methods of decorating. The look is that of chic, something that features light toned wall and furniture colorings, old china pattern looks, warm yet comfortable pieces that create a sense of relaxation when you look at them.

Contemporary: Modern contemporary looks have always been in style in the last decade. These looks are influenced by pieces that are bold and bright, different and unique and are functional yet are also more of a piece of art as well. You will find straight, clean lines in the furnishings and walls here.

Art Deco: This popular decorating style is one that seems quite a bit like the modern contemporary yet it has a more flowing look to it. The lines are not as straight, but rather are curved.

Rustic: The look for the log cabin is not gone. In a rustic Southwestern feel, you will have woods used of various types. It will have a laid back feel with warm throws and soft, comfortable furniture. The color scheme here is that of warm, rich colors that complement the woods.

French Country: This is a very popular choice in decorating styles. Here, you will have many bright colors and will have that feel of whimsical dreaming. Wood finishes are done with fruitwoods and cherry. Art work with color is on the walls.

One of these popular decorating styles will work perfectly in your home. There are plenty to select from to help you to transform the look for your home into something that is amazing.

Tips for Developing a Personal Decorating Style

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to interior design. Unfortunately, many people struggle in the beginning when trying to figure out what exactly those preferences are. Fortunately, there are many ways to determine what you’re most attracted to and thus help you to develop your own personal decorating style.

You, Yourself and You!

To start, the only want to figure out and develop your own personal decorating style is to know exactly what you are most interested in and to know what you are most attracted to. Places you’ve been, people you’ve met, they all influence who you are as a person. Few people realize that this also affects their interior design preferences and decorating ideas.

Look at the Architecture

When you bought your home, you did so for a reason. There was something about the space that you were drawn to, whether it was a well planned kitchen, a beautiful original fireplace or perhaps just the layout of the entire home in general. That being said, take note of those details! They’re items that you’re drawn to and they’re a great way to start looking into what your personal decorating style may be.

Take note of the floor plans, as well. These will help influence your personal style when you are working to come up with a bedroom design or living room designs, kitchen designs or bathroom designs.

Incorporate Pieces You Enjoy

Nothing will speak more about your personal decorating style than the various home accessories and other pieces that you choose to incorporate into the interior design of your home.

For example, when you’re out shopping for items to complete your living room ideas, you should purchase items that you’re most drawn to and you most enjoy. You’ll know them when you see them, so don’t feel obligated to buy something just because you think it might “fit” into the grand scheme of things. Buy an item because you love it and you’ll find that purchasing items that you love, even if they don’t seemingly “go together,” will actually end up meshing together quite well.

Reality Check

Last but not least, realize that you can be drawn to a number of different decorating styles, colors and interior design elements. However, that does not mean that you have to incorporate all of these different elements into your home. To prevent yourself from overdecorating a space, figure out what you most love best about the room and eliminate everything else that is ‘so-so’ in your eyes. Sure, you may have loved it at one point or it may have even been an impulse buy. Whatever the cause, don’t be afraid to eliminate things from your space even after you’ve bought them.

Personal decorating styles evolve constantly throughout the years. You may love something one year and hate it the next. Interior design is like fashion, it’s always changing and so are your tastes. That being said, don’t feel like you have to keep something just because you once loved it.