What is concrete floor waterproofing?

Concrete waterproofing is used to protect against elements that tend to wear down and damage wood, steel, asphalt and concrete. These elements, including chemicals, salt, moisture and other contaminants can damage and decrease the life of floors, making it necessary to repair or replace them over time. The purpose of waterproofing is to extend the life of flooring while still maintaining the durability and toughness necessary for high traveled floors and other surfaces.

Why use concrete floor waterproofing?

The uses of waterproofing are endless. Concrete waterproofing is the ideal choice anywhere shock absorption and tremendous resilience are needed. This can be anywhere from a weight room at a fitness club to a parking garage or garage deck. Other places where waterproofing can be useful include:

• Basements
• Indoor finished floorings
• Roof Decks
• Other outdoor recreational purposes
• Locker room
• High traffic walkways
• Other flooring options

Concrete floor waterproofing is resilient and a perfect choice for tricky flooring environments, especially sub grade flooring and areas that are walked or driven on frequently. Because the amount of rubber used in the installation process can be adjusted, depending on the desired location of installation, there is a type of waterproofing for any area.

How is it installed?

Concrete floor waterproofing is installed directly onto most any existing subsurface, from wood to steel, asphalt to tile. In addition, it can be installed to new subsurfaces as well. There are various types of concrete floor waterproofing, but one particularly effective product utilizes several layers, beginning with a stabilizer and ending with a sealer. The layers in between offer a unique combination of products that allow for shock absorption and adequate waterproofing.

How durable is concrete floor waterproofing?

Concrete floor waterproofing is so durable that a car turning its wheels left and right stationary on it will only wear the tires of the car down, without affecting the flooring. It is durable enough to be used in a parking garage, but comfortable enough to serve as the flooring of a locker room. The possibilities of flooring are endless. Because of its components, concrete waterproofing expands and contracts with the subsurface so there is no cracking, bulging, or delaminating. This creates a smooth, flawless flooring appearance that is as strong and durable as it is comfortable and pleasant to walk on. As an added benefit, concrete waterproofing deadens sound, which makes it the perfect flooring for high traffic areas.

How long does concrete floor waterproofing last?

Concrete floor waterproofing can withstand vast amounts of pedestrian and vehicular traffic without showing signs of wear and tear. It is specially designed to be a lasting remedy for maintenance problems and flooring challenges. It effectively protects against moisture and other corrosive elements that can otherwise erode, crack, and threaten the integrity of essential sub surfaces. So, not only is concrete waterproofing made to last, it is also built to prolong the life of the flooring beneath it.

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