If you try to discover which area in the house is affected with the most activities, you will observe that it is the floor. Therefore, the floor is the area that must receive the best of care. The floor bears the weight of the furniture, machines and other possessions, not to mention humans. So it is easily susceptible to breaks and cracks in many places. There is a way to keep your floor always to look neat, tidy and free-looking as well as, retain its compactness and durability.

Why not strengthen and toughen your floor by using through a floor coating or paint? Recommended are two of the most used: epoxy floor paint and the latex flour paint. Both are different in quality and material. Knowing each type can help you decide which best to use for your floor.

Epoxy Floor Coating

If you want a tough and sturdy paint which will lengthen the durability and value of your floor, then opt for the Epoxy floor coating. It has a powerful adhesive capacity and has more resistance to heat, oil, water and chemicals. This is used in most large establishments and factories. If you apply this type of floor paint at home, then the best areas to apply epoxy paint are the floors, roofing and bathrooms where heavy activities are done.

Latex Floor Paint

The suspension of rubber or plastic polymer particles are used in the production of Latex floor coating paint, adhesives, emulsion paints and other products. There are two types of latex floor paints: natural latex and synthetic latex.

Natural latex is the material in the manufacture of gloves, tracheotomy tubes, urinary catheters and many others. Latex floor paint is better than epoxy floor paint for it is less odorous and toxic Latex floor paint gives more glossy finish to most surfaces. The synthetic latex is a good choice for they do not cause any allergy

By analyzing each type of paint, you will be able to determine how much each type can satisfactorily give you the most excellent protective coating to the floor of your home.

Floor Coating Contractors

It is best to let a floor coating contractor do the work for you. They would know the right consistency and application needed by the area. If there is a need to mix chemicals then they should be the right persons to do it for you. Be sure to research on contractors in your area.

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