Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to interior design. Unfortunately, many people struggle in the beginning when trying to figure out what exactly those preferences are. Fortunately, there are many ways to determine what you’re most attracted to and thus help you to develop your own personal decorating style.

You, Yourself and You!

To start, the only want to figure out and develop your own personal decorating style is to know exactly what you are most interested in and to know what you are most attracted to. Places you’ve been, people you’ve met, they all influence who you are as a person. Few people realize that this also affects their interior design preferences and decorating ideas.

Look at the Architecture

When you bought your home, you did so for a reason. There was something about the space that you were drawn to, whether it was a well planned kitchen, a beautiful original fireplace or perhaps just the layout of the entire home in general. That being said, take note of those details! They’re items that you’re drawn to and they’re a great way to start looking into what your personal decorating style may be.

Take note of the floor plans, as well. These will help influence your personal style when you are working to come up with a bedroom design or living room designs, kitchen designs or bathroom designs.

Incorporate Pieces You Enjoy

Nothing will speak more about your personal decorating style than the various home accessories and other pieces that you choose to incorporate into the interior design of your home.

For example, when you’re out shopping for items to complete your living room ideas, you should purchase items that you’re most drawn to and you most enjoy. You’ll know them when you see them, so don’t feel obligated to buy something just because you think it might “fit” into the grand scheme of things. Buy an item because you love it and you’ll find that purchasing items that you love, even if they don’t seemingly “go together,” will actually end up meshing together quite well.

Reality Check

Last but not least, realize that you can be drawn to a number of different decorating styles, colors and interior design elements. However, that does not mean that you have to incorporate all of these different elements into your home. To prevent yourself from overdecorating a space, figure out what you most love best about the room and eliminate everything else that is ‘so-so’ in your eyes. Sure, you may have loved it at one point or it may have even been an impulse buy. Whatever the cause, don’t be afraid to eliminate things from your space even after you’ve bought them.

Personal decorating styles evolve constantly throughout the years. You may love something one year and hate it the next. Interior design is like fashion, it’s always changing and so are your tastes. That being said, don’t feel like you have to keep something just because you once loved it.

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